Dynamic AX Error when i open project

I have an error with dynamic AX when i open a project

ax xPropertySetData::unpack : Property not found : 1024


how about this?


First try to clear user data that can be reset in Dyn AX. Administration\User\Userdata.

Second try not to use those old saved queries, just use those of the current version. (replace if (queryPack_V25) with if(false)).

I’m working with a team, if i clear the ueserData .It will create a problem for the other developpers?

Inform your team that this and that will happen, take screenshots of the user data you want to recreate or something.

Have you debugged the code for this? This error doesn’t come in standard environment.


how could I debug if I couldn’t open the projects

User data is, as the name states, for each user. So that, deleting your user data won’t create problems with other teammates and is a safe an common practice while developing and loading different version of objects (like seems to be your case).


thank you for you help

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