Dynamic AX 2012 users in Michigan

Hey everyone!

My boss is considering switching us over to Dynamics AX 2012, but wants me to find some references from other companies in our area who are using AX 2012.

Does anyone known any companies in the Coldwater, Michigan, area who currently use Dynamics AX 2012?

Feel free to contact me at .


Greg, I strongly advice against posting e-mail addresses in public forums. They’re quickly picked up by by spam bots. Consider removing it; you can use the forum or private messages for communication.

Thanks Martin! I’ll delete and repost.

Well, this is kind of embarrassing. I can’t seem to find how to delete a post…any advice?

You should see links for Edit and Delete on the right side of your question. In the case of replies, you’ll get a drop-down menu after clicking More.