Dynamic Assembly Creation

As a computer refurbisher/remanufacturer we have offer almost limitless configuration options on many of the systems (PCs, Servers, Workstations) that we sell as ‘CTO’ or ‘Configure to Order’.

A live example is the following server which has many, many millions of ‘simple SKU’ permutations: http://www.bargainhardware.co.uk/hp-proliant-dl385-g2-configure-to-order/

My question therefore is how can we best handle the order assembly/manufacturing of such in NAV? Obviously being light/discrete manufacturing it seems that the assembly management module would be best suited, however I can’t see an alternative to having every possible permutation of simple SKU being pre-built in NAV, and the variation of options available would make this impossible.

From our perspective we require relatively little detail in terms of labor/resource planning and the like, however we would like to record an asset tag, the name of the labourer responsible for assembling the system and the time taken for assembly. Therefore there is clear definition between our assembly items and the non-assembly items.

Not being a developer myself I don’t know how feasible my idea is, however each of the base components of the assembly items (the system chassis, such as PC chassis or server chassis) could sit in a specific category within inventory. When one of these items was included in an order it would be the ‘trigger’ for an assembly BoM to be created.

I can’t help thinking there must be a relatively painless solution to this question but as yet I haven’t stumbled upon it. If it’s not clear from our website link above, our model is exactly like Dell or HP, whereby we offer custom configuration online which we plan to feed back into NAV from Magento and as sales orders.

Any help of this would be kindly appreciated.

Hi ,

Depends what you want to achieve . You could use the bom journal or the manufacturing module .

I should think there are addon’s for this on the market place but this is certanly something not oob. But not something you cannot code either.

There is at least one connector available on the internet , and as far as I can remember there is configuration built into magento .