during Importing data in general ledger through excel it is not creating new voucher for debit credit match

Hii all,

i am importing journal entries in to ax 2009 … through excel template

during importing i want that after every debit and credit match for new line it should create new voucher no.

but it is not creating.

help me

Hi Hemant,

Is it creating one journal with multiple lines?


Hii Mohammed

yes it is creating Multiple lines with one journal

what i want is like for 3 debit if in next line i will give credit

then if debit = credit will happen then for new entry it should create new voucher number.

but now it is creating same voucher for every entry …

Hi Hemant,

By default excel import you will get one journal with multiple lines. Importing journal as per your requirement need customization, for that you required AX technical developer support.



system is creation voucher number and it is number sequence and i am not importing voucher number.

i am just importing other entries…

technical guys telling that it is not possible becouse how system will mange to compare this beacouse system is creating voucher number