Duplication of menu item

i have query regarding Security, i want to disable some controls on forms ,for this i have created customized roles(duties,privileges),also i have duplicated the forms,now as per ax hierarchy forms are attached to display menu item,when i change menu item property,i.e attached my custom forms to a specific menu items and then assign that menu item to my roles its work fine,and the menu item change to user mood, but i want to create a duplicate of that menu-item and then assign to my customized role, it doesn’t work, so just guide me where is the problem,when the menu item (user mood) work in my roles then why the same duplicate copy of that menu item not working in my customized roles.?

also when i create new menu item and attached my duplicated forms and then assign that menu item,still not working yet…

so please guide me.


For AX 2009 security, I believe it’s better to go to Administration - Security - User group Permissions.

Select the Group from the Overview tab and then click on the Permissions tab. In viewing drop down, select Security.

Navigate to the form and then set the controls to the access level you require for this specific user group. In your case, No access as you want to disable controls.

In the form properties you will find the security key, to give you an idea where to start looking on the Permissions tab.

Not sure about the customized roles, never done that.