Duplicate report in AX 2012


I just begin develop with AX 2012. I want to duplicate SSRS report but i have some errors when the report to copy has “Data Methods” because the program does not find the Data Method Library. What can i do ?

Excuse my english …



AX2012 does not allow to duplicate SSRS report. If your report using ‘Report data provider’, you can duplicate your DP,Contract,Controller classes from existing report but you have to create new design in VS to use these classes.


Perhaps you can get the tool for duplicating SSRS report from here - http://dynamicsaxgyan.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/duplicate-existing-ssrs-report-dynamics-ax-2012/


You can duplicate SSRS report inside the VS development environment. From the Application explorer, Right click on the report that you need duplicated then select duplicate. Then edit the duplicate, rebuild and resolve the errors mainly due to references with the old report name.

I’ve resolved all errors when making a copy of ‘CustAgingReport’ as ‘CopyCustAgingReport’, except for the following:

Error 1 The business logic assembly CustAgingReport.BusinessLogic, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null does not contain a class for report CopyCustAgingReport. \SSRS Reports\Reports\CopyCustAgingReport 0 0 CustAgingReport

Can anyone help me…I’m pretty new to both AX and MS Visual Studio coming from JDEdwards?


Hi Doug,

You try to open report design and delete all drill down fields on report, and exclude/or delete any project relate to BusinessLogic if any