Dummy zipCode issue

Hi All, As Axapta requires the zip code to be existent in the ZipCode table before the users can insert zipcodes in a form, I was wondering if there’s somewhere I could get those data’s to import. Let me know if any of you could send me an exhaustive list of zipcode, city and states from another Axapta. Or is there any other workaround to deal with this problem? Usually, I can’t believe that the users needs to manually create the zipcode in the table before entering it in a form… Thanks in advance.

I use Navision, not sure how the import in Axapta works, but there are a lot of cheap zip databases available, I paid a few buck for one and imported it into Navision, works like a charm Here is a link for the one I used http://www.digital-recovery.com/zip_code_database.htm Hope it works David

Hi On the Axapta Installation CD, there’s a couple of default data available which include ZipCodes. If the country you need is not there, get in contact with the MBS office of that country, they should be able to send you something.

Hi, To download zip codes, try here - http://www.upu.int/pls/ap/www_sites.display_sites?p_language=an One trick to disable address validation is to create country codes as zip codes. For more info on this, in Technet website try to search for discussion thread 3161 … Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Great! Thanks a lot guys.