DUG: A few updates to the website

Dear all,

It’s been a little quite from me over the last 6-9 months. I have been very busy working on “real” Dynamics projects. And in times like this, then that’s what every body should do, even if it mean to slow down your activity here in the community for a while.

But I’m back!

The updates

As you might have seen then there has been a few changes to the layout of the website. No biggies, primary changes to fonts and colors. The objectives of these changes is basically to make the website appear more 2011’is. It’s about simplifying which should hopefully make new users feel quicker at home here, whilst not scaring away old members.

Over the next couple of weeks you will see a few more of these quick-fixes, but please also let me know what you think, and if there are other places I should look into.

The status of the website

The current platform of our website http://dynamicsuser.net is currently running on a 6 year old platform called Community Server. It’s still a great platform, but 6 years on the Internet is a long time. And it’s no longer being updated. Instead the company behind it (Telligent) has created a new product, which is priced entirely different than what we can afford to pay (approx. EUR 100,000!). And no matter if we someway could get this kind of money or not, then it will be a very large project and take a lot of time to upgrade.

This means that if our website should continue to be the number one Microsoft Dynamics Community, then we either need a partner/investor and/or a lot more sponsors/advertisers than we have right now. But it could also be someone who has the technical skills (especially ASP.NET development) and time available. Please contact me if you can help, or know someone who can. Thanks.

Hi Eric,

I am facing some problems may be because of new changes…

please find the below screenshots

I am using Google Crome…

6165.Prob1.bmp (1.13 MB)

4251.prob2.bmp (1.56 MB)

Thanks. Can you give me the post id for this thread?

I am still on German here. There is no language selector in my user profile, so I can’t modify that myself. Can you please take a look at that?

Hi Daniel,
Exactly what is in German?

Same here

Ok, I see. It’s strange because I have been applying the en/US UI codes to the server. But somehow the original country code of the server (WIndows Server 2008 R8 with IIS) stays the same German/Austrian code.

But it possible to fix on a user basis, by going to you user profile and edit it.


Change it to:


Or any of the other dataformats (without Days).

It seems ok now…thanks [:)]

And I am really surprised why Indian Timezone is not available in options…

When I go into my user profile, the language is NOT available under Site Options. The language under “Profile Options” is set to “US English”, and the Date Format is already set to “Day, Month Year”. I don’t know why it insists on displaying dates in German.

Maybe you can change it for me?

I was getting results like the image above sometimes. That was what my other post was about. What I am seeing as well is that the box around the post is not always big enough to cover the user information when the post is short.


If it’s a longer post or the user has a signature it’s usually not a problem.


Erik as Admin sees the Profile editor differently.

We “simple mortals” have Language on (our) first tab “Profile options”, date format & timezone on 2nd - “Site options” [:)]

I’ve noticed another issue - with fontsize = Normal (and there exist even Small…) physical letter height on my current display is about 1,2 mm - too small for (almost…) 50-year old. If I choose bigger font from site options, the layout suffers heavily, so the only viewable option is browser Zoom (I use FF-the-latest-one, version numbers have skyrocketed, who cares following that number)

With every redesign the font gets smaller, it was so the previous time, it is so now again, BUT display resolutions get bigger - resulting in smaller and smaller text sizes.

Modris, if you read my reply two posts above yours, you will see that I already checked that.

Erik was able to change it for me, and I finally see English again.