Dropdown Tree

Dear All,

I am new AX .I have two drop down.

DropDown A has 2 values - Onsite and Offshore

Dropdown B has list of projects from the project table where it has a check box stating yes or no or (1 or 0)

In my form i need to select the dropdown A with the type onsite .Then the dropdown B should populate all the projects which is related to 1 which type field from the proj table

If the user selectes dropdown A as offshore then the dropdown b should populate the projects which is related to the type field of 0 from the pro table.

So i need to populate the dropdown B in accordance with the dropdown A selection

Please let me know if my explanation is not clear.


Assing one Blank Enum Field to the DropDownB from the same datasource.

Write the below code in DropDownA Override modified Method;


public boolean modified()
boolean ret;

DropDownB .clear();

if (DropDownA .valueStr() == “OnSite”)

while select TableName where TableName.NoYes == NoYes::Yes




while select TableName where TableName.NoYes == NoYes::No

ret = super();

return ret;


Hope It wil Work