Drop ship through warehouse mgt

Hi all! I have a concern: I need to post shipment through the warehouse shipment for a drop ship sales Order but I can’t find my order when I do the Get source document from the warehouse shipment. All receiving or shipping is done through warehouse management. Any clue??? Thanks

Drop Ship and Warehouse are by definition mutually exlusive. You either have the vendor ship it direct, or you bring it into the warehouse.

After an exhausting day out on site this brought a smile to my face. Thanks! [:D]

Ok. Let’s explain These are my steps: I create sales order with customer A with a ship to Ax. On the sale line item , I ticked off the DROP SHIP box. I create a purchase order with a supplier B, on the Purch Header I choose Sell To customer = A and Ship to =Ax. The system brings me all related lines. 1. I do the receiving of my PO through the warehouse receive ===> Shipment should be done automatically when I checked the SO line. But nothing happens. So what step is missing??? I just want to do the normal drop ship but by using warehouse for receiving because everything ( receiving or shipment) is done through warehouse management now. Thanks

Hi Tatiana I will happily let David add further to this or correct me, as the Warehousing side is not too familiar to me, but essentially by the very nature of the transaction a drop shipment has nothing to do with the warehouse. From memory if you have a drop shipment order when you go into the receipts section of WMS to get the source document you cannot - as you never receive into the warehouse Obviously the receipt has to be made to update the quantity to ship of the sales orders, but my presumption would be that Navision takes this away from the warehouse staff and it becomes more of a sales/ap clerks role as no items ever come into the warehouse. The receipt is then made against the purchase order itself. I do not think as standard you can turn this on in WMS, but then again I could very easily be incorrect! [:D]

Hi Steven! I understand that drop ship has nothing to do with Wm but how can you handle that if the company that need to DROP SHIP used Basic WM??? Even if receiving of the PO is done, Shipping is supposed to be done automatically. So what’s happen, I looks like , it’s a bug in Navision. Does anybody else has experienced this??? Please let me know. Thanks

Hi Tatiana If you receive the PO the shipping is done, this is standard, you are receiving it through the PO though rather than WMS. I think you will find an argument of schemantics with Navision on this point, but I would hate to pre-guess them. You may think it is a bug, but I would bet they argue it is by design [:D]. Report it and find out.

OK guys! I found the solution. I just ignore teh message from Navision and posted through the PO and it works. Thank you for your help.

Which Message?

Hi David I would guess the message that says you should use a warehouse receipt to process the PO - I think this is what it says when you load a PO for receipt in WMS and manually receive it from thE PO.

That’s right Steven.