drop down all table fields

Hi guyz,

I’m a newbie on AX, is it possible to create a drop down that list or looks up all fields on a table? if so, how can do it? =)

The scenario is to link specific built-in ax table fields to a customize created table fields using a drop down (like a mapping of some sort)

I appreciate any kind of help guyz…

Thank you very much… =)


This can be achieved in two ways. Either through X++ or through table groups.

For X++, search for ‘lookups’ in Ax 2009 Developers guide.

For table groups, search for ‘autolookup’



To show the lookup of all fields of a table, you can use “SysPick” form, or

you can use method “pickField” of Global class.

Analyse these form and methods, and I hope you get some idea…[Y]