driving inventory with the planning parameter days on hand

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may someone can give me a tip about planning with Navision and using the correct parameters. Is it possible to drive inventory target with the parameter of day on hands? for example when I want to have only a coverage of 2 weeks how I can or where I have to set the parameter in Navision?

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You would achieve this by calculating the two week holding figure and then using this as the reorder point. There is nothing that will automatically calculate and set this - you have to do it, and you have to maintain it. Obviously there are many factors influencing what is deemed as two weeks stock.

does it mean calculation in excel and set up the result in navision?

Calculate wherever you like - it could be a report in Navision, then update the result in Navision, again you could modify the system to upload this etc, or write it as a routine in itself

how does it work, will it a report which can be manipulated and uploaded into the system?

Basically it works the way you want it to if you are designing it.


You just need to setup “Safety Lead Time” = 2W.

It is sound very easy but in Real life you need some more information into MPS/MRP that standard NAV can provide. The most important you will need sales forecast. Standard NAV will use only Sales Orders or Blanket Orders as demand. You can use Navision demand planner but it provides only statistical forecasts.

We have developed Sales&Operations Planning system integrated with one of the top 3 forecasting systems and support for Consensus Forecasting process flow.