Drawings in Navison Financials

the company I work for right now, is using the old Navison Financials. (i’m a treinee)

My projekt here is to optimize there produktion with they’re ProduktionPlanning.

The problem is main that:

  1. They have to have they’re drawings on the Intranet (Costumors drawings)

  2. They need to use Excel for there planningslist (what would say that they are often 5 pople to use the list at the same time, that can give some problems. They are copying manuel from navison to the Excel. (These 2 things do not comunicate)

  3. the Navison can’t canculete there timeregistrering in work hours

Can they get drawings in to the navsion?

Can excel and navsion communicate so the list is always op to date atomatic?

This a schoolprojekt for me, for them this is a big problem…

This would bee the cheep solution. They need a new ERP-system!

Thanks for reading this;)

Her self…