Download Navision Sample database

I have found this site

Common sense dictates that when you see a sample database with .MDF after it, and being called Navision, it just may be the sample database for Navision


(What you download is not exactly useful in terms of tables and sample data - there aren’t any)

OK all you gurus who know everything - So they hid it from me - ha ha ha

I guess I should have just asked the question (didn’t want to bother you people with stupid beginner, questions with such easy common sense answers ).

I am jus trying to download a sample of a navision database - perhaps Cronus is the one I need

It would be rather nice if there were actually tables inside the MDF so I can look at them

Is this possible ? Where do I find it - Please ?

(So far have downloaded 500MB of databases which must be important but dont have tables in them)

One thing I have learnt - Mexico Server downloads are about 10 times faster than USA servers

If you don’t have installation CD/DVD,

Navision Product CD/DVD images are here in Downloads section, too, and these contain sample databases…

Yes George, Modris is right you can download the images here, depending on what version. Remember that each country has their own localized application. But if you’re looking for a specific database, then please contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Hi Ernst / Modris

I am in Australia

Please advise a link (s) to what I need to download to be able to see a database with some tables and sample data in it (any database is OK at this stage - Cronus seems to be used in a lot of examples so this would probably be best if it is available )

Install CD/DVD sounds good - does that mean I can also get a demo copy of Navision to play with - that would be perfect.

Thanks for following me

Browse the Navision files part of Downloads section here in forum site -

there are not only Installation disk images for several Navision versions, but much more files available. There wouldn’t be localized Australian version, but for experimenting/learning the base W1 (worldwide) version would do.

Sample database is included in Inst CD/DVD, if you burn the image and run Setup, there will be an option to install sample DB, which contains one company named CRONUS. As you already have noticed, this is the same sample data (Company) to which all Manuals & Training courser refer. You can take the DB from disc directly, if Navision itself you have already installed.

Note: If you choose Nav2009 version, begin with standart Client, new RoleTailored & three-tier architecture will be a overkill for beginner… Or take ver 5 SP1 better for begining.


I think it is essential that you put a marker in the ground and insist that your partner provides a product CD/DVD for you. There is documentation as well as the demo database.

It is easy for them to set-up an FTP site for downloads.

I’ve now uploaded the databases for NAV 2009 AU/NZ, NA, DE, IT and IN versions.