Doubt regarding the stock keeping unit

Hi All, I’ve a small doubt about this stock keeping unit functionality… As i know that we can use stockkeeping units to record information about our items for a specific location and/or a specific variant codes. This could very well would have been done by the Item card also … the question is What is the basic need of having the Stock Keeping functionality ? I’m confused on this thing also if i’m wrong then plz guide me …Guys kindly help me out . cheers, Navitech

Every time you need a different behaviour in a specific location you must use SKU’s.
For example when using reorders. No every location need to have the same reorder points, a location with a lot of sales probably need more stock. In some location you might purchase directly from vendor and other you might transfer from another location.

You would only ever use SKUs if you had different planning requirements for an Item based on its location or variant, though more so for Location.

Take an example of a client I work with. They have one manufacturing plant, but about 10 warehouses. So they use SKUs to store different reordering paramaters. At the main warehouse there is an SKU that says “Replenishment method : Manufactureing” but at the locations it says “Transfer from main location”.

This is just one simple example, there are many more cases for SKUs.

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Hi David ,

Thx for the quick reply & this goes same for Nuno !!!.. I really appreciate how u guys are helping us all here.

Terrific effort i must say … & thx a lot for explaining it by giving an example … it becomes so clear if u explain with a live scenario.



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