doubt on production

Hi Experts,

I have a small doubt on production i exlain the scenario,

  1. I have created prod.BOM and Routings and assigned it to item card.

  2. Next i have created Firm Planned pro.Order and released it .

  3. Next i have But when i enter prod.Order number in the consumption journal the item number is not getting updated on the line.

My doubt is " Wont it be updated by taking prod.Order number " also if it is not getting updated from prod.order there is a chance of taking other item which is not in prod.Order so please help me with this issue.

A firm planned order is a king of committment to make, however you are not actually making it so you cannot process consumption against it, release it then do this.

sorry adam i dint sayu completely sorry for that i had released that order and i got the problem with the released production order only

also adam plz tell me the process of getting the cost of item produced.

That means wat are the steps to use for getting the cost.

Sorry yes I misread that - the firm planned order number will change to a released order number so you will need to use this.

The cost are accumulated in WIP until the order is ended, all materials and labour etc, once posted there are reports, the ledger or the order itself where you can see the cost (from memory) of course it depends on your costing methods and processes, you question is quite broad shall we say, I could simply say look at the cost on the item card as an answer [:D]

Of course there could be other reasons - do you have an active BOM just check under the components of the item on the order you have. Also go to the production journal from the order, this presents consumption and output for the order, so no need to actually enter the order number!