Dot Net Variables in NAS

Dear Sir,

I’m facing a problem with the DotNet variable in NAS Environment (NAV 2016). I have declared all the DotNet variables in a Codeunit to convert the WORDLAYOUT of a Report output into a HTML file. After that the Codeunit send the same HTML file in a email body.

It’s working fine when I execute the Codeunit manually. It creates WORD file, converts it into HTML and then send the same HTML in the body of the email. During manual execution I have to declare all the DotNet variable as RunOnClient YES.

And in NAS Environment I have declared the same DotNet variables as RunOnClient No .
The piece of the Custom Code is as follows…

WordApplication :=WordApplication.ApplicationClass;
WordDocument :=WordHelper.CallOpen(WordApplication,FileName,FALSE,TRUE);

The NAS has found null value in the first parameter of “CallSaveAsFormat” function and hence it gives the following error message.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A call to Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Integration.Office.Word.WordHelper.CallSaveAsFormat failed with this message: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: document


I can’t find the reason why it is doing so in NAS. If you have any idea about the same please reply.
Thank you,

Subrata Bauri

Will NAS be able to execute the following C/AL code on NAV 2016 ?

WordApplication :=WordApplication.ApplicationClass;
WordDocument :=WordHelper.CallOpen(WordApplication,FileName,FALSE,FALSE);