Dot net and Navision integration


I am very new for this kind of work (Integration of C# andNavision) and I m still in process of RND.

I am accessing SQL database through CFronDotNet. I want to populate item table in my grid which is in windows dot net application.

Does any one have idea how to do that ?

If u know about any URL please let me know.

Regards & Thanx

Poonam J

Hi Poonam,

I just saw you in the chat room, but you left :frowning:

If you are using SQL have you tried using the ADO.Net rather than CFront? ADO.Net has a pre-built SQLClient class.

Warning though, unless you are 100% certain you know what you are doing your application should be a read only app.

SQL does not contain the Logic Layer, the Navision Client does.


as the information i got from the expert one

for integration and navision

we must connect it using codeunit

Thank you very much Stan.

Please get me some more idea about codeunit and how can I use that for integration of dot net and Navision.


Poonam Jha

unfortunetely, i haven’t take the navision development II training yet…

maybe next month… if i have an information about this i will share in this forum


Hello Poonam, if you are interested in a product that integrates Dynamics NAV using web services you can checkout Fusion NAV at There is a .NET 2.0 API although the queries are simple XML in case you aren’t using .NET Please let me know if you have any questions. We’ve successuflly built many, mobile and desktop aplications using Fusion NAV.


Gary Turner