Domande Esame Development

Salve a tutti. Qualcuno ha gia fatto l’esame devolpment di navision? Sapete dirmi se oltre ai punti sotto riportati, nell’esame sono presenti anche domande dell’esame Programming? Grazie in anticipo Saluti. Development Exam Topic: Advanced Programming Object oriented programming techniques - the record type variable in C/AL - the built in record methods (functions) - creating and using your own record methods (functions) - using other object variables (forms, reports, dataports and codeunits) - using text constants - using the various Multilanguage properties in objects, fields, and controls - the standard Navision naming conventions for variable and function names - the usage of the built in database functions. Tables: Table and field triggers - the VALIDATE function - system variables used in table and field triggers - key groups - the standard Navision naming conventions for table and field names. Forms: Common form and control triggers - when to use form triggers vs. table triggers, and control triggers vs. field triggers - creation and modification of Trendscape forms and Matrix forms - the standard Navision naming conventions for forms and labels. Reports: Report, dataitem and section triggers - the special usage of the Integer table as a dataitem - the execution order of the various report, dataitem and section triggers - the usage and limitations of transfer totals and of grouping - common report specific built in functions the standard Navision report headers and the standard look for reports. Dataports: Dataport, dataitem and dataport field triggers - the special features of the dataport request form - system variables used within the dataport, dataitem, and dataport field triggers. Codeunits: The codeunit trigger. Posting Routines & Data Conversion Writing a standard routine for posting from a journal to a ledger and calling it to post a single journal record - writing a standard routine for posting from a document with document lines - applying ledger entries to each other - protected objects, protected tables, and how to write to protected tables - how to improve performance in posting routines in a multiple user environment. The uses and limitations of dataports when importing data into Navision - the use of the file variable type, and its methods, to export data - keeping data internally consistent when importing it from outside applications. Codeunits: Creating and modifying a codeunit - codeunit properties. Object Analysis & Development Methodology The C/SIDE debugger, with and without breakpoints - examining data within the C/SIDE debugger - the usage of the code coverage tool, text editors and the text version of Navision application objects - using Impuls Workbench to analyze objects and how to find out where a field or a function is used. Using documentation triggers when modifying standard objects - documenting using comments, documentation triggers, project logs, and change logs - the use of design specifications - the basic elements in a design specification. The basic components of Navision’s standard Implementation Methodology - the standard roles - the solution developer’s role - the various documents used to communicate between customer, solution developer, and the other roles - the techniques used when dividing a project among multiple programmers - creating a base product on which to develop - the use of the modification flag and the version list - how to deliver a modification project to a customer and how to install it on the customer’s site - quality assurance techniques. Developing Navision Database access techniques (transactions, optimistic concurrency, and table locking, in both the Navision Server and the Microsoft SQL Server options.) – how the selection of filters and keys can affect performance - how filters and keys are used when calculating FlowFields and sumindex fields - standard use of posting groups, number series and the navigate document feature - special considerations when modifying standard objects - installing minor improvements on a customer site, which has customizations - prepare and installing major releases on a customer site, which has customizations. The standard features of Navision’s on-line help - how to add on-line for a customized application - modifying on-line help. Ancora grazie.

Non so cosa intendi per domande dell’esame di programming. Se intendi le stesse domande, ovviamente no. Ci sono domande analoghe, ma più complesse rispetto a Programming, visto che chiedono i trigger. Ciao Marco