Does the RecID field on the LedgerTrans table always increment

Good afternoon all,

I have a question regardin the RecID field and would appreciate your thoughts.

Within Dynamics AX 4.0 I extract data from the LedgerTrans table for Margin Report developed in SSRS which sits on top of another database. This data is extracted on a daily basis by deleting the data from the Margin Report database and re-inserting.

At the start of each financial period I have a new requirement to refresh the data during the working day. Rather than perform a delete and insert I would like to “topup” the data.

One possible solution is to check when the last LedgerTrans.recid was created and then take any ledger transactions after this record. This data can then be appended rather than performing a full refresh.

Can anyone tell me if the ledgertrans.recid is always incremented or does AX go back and allocated un-used recid’s. If AX does use unused recid’s then my topup/append method will not be possible.

Thanks and kind regards,