Does Product Configurator in AX 2012 create unique number based on base model #?

Hi, we are looking at product Configurator to help us custom configure and build the end product for the customer. We have today number of production specific BoM, but don’t have an option where we can take the base model and customize to suit the customer order on the go (as is available through production configurator). few questions - from what we understand, AX allow us to create a base product model say “Benz C 220” with three required items to be selected - 1) Whees, 2) Engine Type 3) Color with following choices available to choose from:

Engine- V4, V6 or V8 Engine type

Color - Green, Gray or Black.

Wheels: Alloy or Silver

  1. Does AX create a unique configuration # so that we can identify this specific order? though the model is the same but the configuration is different depending upon the customer preference. If customer A order two of these same model but with different engines, say, how can we identify in AX? Does AX create a unique BoM # for each specifications?

  2. can we be able to over-ride the lead time on some of the parts - say the engine standard lead time is 10 days, but for this model, C220, we can procure this item at 8 days (only for this model and for other models, even though same engine is used, they would follow item standard lead time of 10 days).

  3. Will AX produce unique BoM # for every unique combination of engine, color and wheels? there are 9 combination possible in this scenario? Is there any issue with the proliferation of BoMs?

  4. how does this affect the production control and master planning ? i.e none of our Items today use the ‘configuration’ dimension - mostly site, warehouse, location etc., Is that an issue? I don’t think so as we are not building a constraint based product variants but to double check. I would assume that the master planning will take the lead time assigned to these components + routes etc., and calculate the delivery date as it would in the case of production bom. or would it require any additional settings/configuration from master planning perspective. I would assume that we can use the ATP/CTP to determine the delivery date as well from the SO.

Would much appreciate your insights. Thank you very much.