Does Navision run as VM on Hyper-V?


we will replace the current installation of a customer. We will install a W2k8 R2 failover cluster with central storage. One VM will be the SBS w2k8. Another one should be their Navision server, but their system house isn’t sure if that works at all. We understand that they will have to go to Navision Ver 5.01 R2 because their clients will run Win7. I know nothing about Navision and just want to make sure the customer doesn’t run into a nightmare.

Does anybody know if Navision is supported on Hyper-V? Maybe from a certain revision upwards? If yes, are there any restrictions or suggestions as to what type of storage we should use? The customer has 40 clients running Navision. We are thinking of a P2000 from HP with 16 x 320GB SAS 15k disks. Navision would get its own LUN.

Any ideas, experiences or links to docs would be greatly aprecciated.


HyperV is supported by MS and it is the recommended VM solution and NAV runs fine in it. As for hardware, make sure you have the correct RAID configuration.

Thank you, good to hear! What would be the correct RAID config? A link will do nicely :<).



One more question. Does NAV need to be a certain revision or is every rev. supported on Hyper-V?




As for RAID, etc - on Navision install DVD in Documentation folder there is an installation manual, read that, besides, you can search this forum also, there are many threads about this topic already.

HyperV came out before win7, so any nav version that supports win7 will support HyperV There many topics here and on mibuso on raid configuration.

Thanks for the info to you all !!!