Does Dynamics allow you to design the whole business application from scratch starting from DB?

hi friend,

im new to this dyanmics system… typially when we create an ERP system part from SAP or Dynamics we dont give user fully customizable solution instead we give a solution for their requirement specification… that means the ERP solution provider must have a DB development team, middle tier and client development teams amd in the out business client must have their programmers for DB, middle tier and client…

But dynamics it provides an empty solution and our business client only has to have Dynamics developers (not a seperate teams for DB, middle tier and client) then from the dynamics solutions’s using the object designer they can create their DB, middle tier and client applications using the designer and not writing may code lines? Is this true?


Uh … actually I think this is a rather strange question … and I’d like to ask why anybody wants to do this? [:|]

Technically, the NAV “program” C/SIDE is a development environment (C/SIDE = Client/Server Integrated Development Environment), using its own programming language C/AL (= C/SIDE Application Language).
So, “technicall” you could (ab)use this environment to create everything from the scratch … but again WHY?

NAV is a standard ERP solution, actually providing all kinds of features you need to run your business, from G/L accounting, Stock-Management, Supply Chain, Order Processing, Manufacturing, Payroll, CRM, and much much more.

The point of NAV is, that you get an integrated solution which provides at least 80% (more or less) of all necessary functionality out-of-the-box. The C/SIDE environment further allows you or your Dynamics partner, to customize your solution, let’s say to add or modify the last 20% of your specifically required features, so in the end you could have a solution which perfectly suits your business.

Further on, many Dynamics partners provide add-on or branch specific solutions you just could integrate into your NAV.

So the whole idea of NAV is not to create everything from the scratch, but to use a solid standard application-basis which then should be customized to build an ideal solution - this also should save time & money.

I recommend to contact a Dynamics partner near to you to simply have a look on NAV, its architecture, development enironment etc.!