Does Dynamics 365 business central supports retail?

Hey guys

I just wanted to know what all the module does business central supports especially does it also support retail?

Is dynamics 365 business central a business edition or enterprise edition?

Business Central does not support retail business out of the box.
You need an AddOn. Ours is not ready yet. LSRetail has an Extension ready.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is neither Business nor Enterprise. Microsoft no longer uses the “Business Edition” vs “Enterprise Edition” terms.

When I done some work around I got few info’s like business central supports finance and operations for now. So does that mean it’s focusing on only particular area and not every modules of NAV? which means indirectly saying as business edition right?

forget all about the previous names you have heard about Dynamics NAV … there is only one name Dynamics 365 BC. If you want to get an idea of what it contains of modules google/bing for Dynamics NAV 2018.

Currently you can say that NAV 2018 (On premise) = 365 BC (Online) but bottom line it is the same product in terms of functionality and code.