Document Parameter Settings

I want to document all setup, configuration and parameter settings in AX 2009 for the modules we have implemented.

Is there a way to document the configuration and parameter settings without going to each setup screen? Are setup and configuration parameters as implemented for the various AX 2009 modules stored in a table?

Example in the inventory module, under setup there is a parameters menu item. When I open the inventory parameters form I have parameters set on each tab: general, journals, bills of materials etc. Are these settings stored in a table? Is there a reference document that indicates which parameter settings are stored in which tables and if those tables relate to other tables such as lookup tables.

Thank you for any response!

Hello Sondra,

There is a menu item ‘Parameters’ in the Setup node of each module of Dynamics AX where you can define parameters/settings for that specific module. These all parameters/settings values are stored in the Parameter tables such as LedgerParameters, CustParameters, VendParameters, InventParameters, AssetParameters, TaxParameters etc.

For storing the parameters of a specific module more than one parameter tables can be used. But there is one main parameter table for each module like the main parameter table for the General Ledger module is LedgerParameters, for the Bank module the main parameter table is BankParameters table, for the Accounts Receivable parameters table the main parameter table is SalesParameters and so on.

If you want to know that which particular parameter field is stored in which table then you’ll have to trace it. For this you can go to the form Setup by right clicking on the form and select Setup. In the form Setup you can find all the details. You can also use the AOT\Forms for this purpose.