Document Imaging and NAV 2009 SP1


Is anyone currently using a document imaging app with NAV. if so please let me know what it is, how you like it…or even if you know of a good one.



Texas - USA


Document mapping is like a search tool which helps to see in report .You have have to map this in layout groups.


As anyone used Image Now with NAV?



Hi Paula,

I have not heard of that product integrated with NAV. I have seen a couple of other 3rd party products integrated with NAV and depending on what you need these may help:


I think you need to explain some more about your needs. All products have different purpose. It can be devided in few groups:

  1. Electronic Document Delivery

  2. Storage of Document Image

  3. Creating of Non-Accunting document based on Data in ERP

  4. Document Indexing, OCR, ICR

We are using document imaging for few our customers with very inexpencive solution that allow recognising any type of barcode on the document and attach document to the appropriate place in the system (the same functionality as KwigTag but does not require any specifis Tag. You can print your own or use vendor printed barcode)