Document Handling

I am trying to execute document handling in AX 2012. When the button is clicked to bring up the document required, I get the following error message - Method ‘add’ in COM object of class ‘Documents’ returned error code 0x800A1554 () which means: A file error has occurred.

Any ideas?? Its had me going round in circles!!

Thanks all

Can you please add more details or background of the issue?

Yeh sure - when creating service work orders we have the need to create permits using the information which on the service work order. AX grabs some information from the permit using bookmarks as reference and pastes them into the permit template. These bookmarks are on the permit which is already set up and is in the system.

Once the info is on the permit, we then process it as normal.

This is all setup using Document Handling and creating a new document type in AX. I have setup the document type and called it PTW. The tables which the bookmarks refer to are also setup. When I come to press the button for the permit to be created, I get the error described in my post.

Hope that’s enough information for you.