Document Handling


I need some help for how to make the document handling “note” appear in sales invoice.

Form setup > invoice. include document sheet: line, include document type: Note

Document management > Document type.

Enter the note in document handling during Sales invoice posting.

Curios, none note is displaying.

Any hints?

HI Hako,

If you want a different note on the invoice and you don’t have the Brazilian Location, sorry. But you will not get what you want without the aid of a developer.

If you want to leave a note on all invoice s following the procedure below for this:

  1. Open the Form Notes (Accounts receivable > Setup > Forms > Form note.

  2. To create a new record.

  3. To change in field Form ‘None’ to ‘Sales order - Invoice’.

  4. To change for border Text.

  5. To write the note that will have appear in all invoices.

  6. Open the Form Setup.

  7. To chance for border Invoice.

  8. To change in field Include documents of type ‘None’ to ‘Note’.

9 To save.

I hope that´s.

Murilo Oliveira

Works fine for me with that setup.

Two things to check. Be 100% sure the note is on the line and not the header.

Ensure the restriciton is not internal on the note.

The other reason would be if you have designed the invoice layout and removed the document handling section.


Thks. i though shd only maintain from step (6) and can get the result? my intend is not fixed the note message in sales invoice.

The note should be manual enter by user everytime they try post invoice.

I done the step (6) TO (9).

Those maintain setup is done.

i still not able get the expected note display in sales invoice.

Wondering me…

Please see my reply, it will be one of those reasons. I was referring you YOUR setup, not the first reply stepped process.

Try it in a demo database without a designed invoice, it will work then, probably

Hi Adam,

Thks. Yes, it problem of invoice method design. The setup of document is “line”.

If the message is input through SO header (Document handling), it will display in sales invoice.

However, if i use alternate way to post invoice through Periodic> SO update > Invoice. Then enter message in document handling through this form,

the message will not display in sales invoice.

Any idea?

I do not understand you last point. Are you adding a sales line comment during the batch invoice update?

Are you also saying it is a problem in the design of “your” invoice? Why not go back to teh demo one that displays the line comments?

Hi Hako,

I took the test printing the invoice through the form SO and through of the Periodic > SO update > Invoice. In both cases it worked. The note went printing in the Invoice.

Do you set the field Restriction for External?

Murilo Oliveira


Thks. I’m saying, the printheader method missing a code of “Line”, thus the note not display in report. I add it in, then result is positive.

However, if use alternate way to add note through sales order posting form, it bring negative result.


Really? yup, i set it restriction to “external”.

i will try again to figuring if any setting missing…TQ