Document Approval done in Outlook

Nav Experts,

Is it possible to do Document Approval (Sales and Purchase) thru Microsoft Outlook instead of going to the system and do the approval? After the approval notification sent to the Authorized User’s email, can he/she do the approval thru Outlook, then, Outlook will pass the approval to the system?



Hi Zen,

Can you check this link.



Hi Hani,

I used the same link to setup document approval. Now, the User asked the possibility for the Directors to run the approval in Outlook rather logging in to NAV. This requests is not explained in the documentation.

I believe there are some ways to facilitate this request.

Please help.


Hi Zen,

I don’t think that the functionality that you are looking for exists.

One will need to Log-in to the NAV to approve/ reject the approval request.

What about Add-on?