Do you want to Rename the Record???

Sometimes when I’m in a table and changing something minor not a “Key” field this will come up. I click “Yes” and it goes thru all these other tables that have nothing to do with the table I’m working on. It works fine but it looks strange to me.

Any thoughts???



Hi Greg,

Sounds very strange - the only reason I can think of is that you have inadvertently modified a code field that you are looking up. It’s not very advisable to be editing data at table level - which table is giving the problem?

AFAIK there’s only one case in which that message comes up, and that is when primary key fields are modified. I don’t have a NAV client handy right now, so I don’t know whether it happens when primary key fields are validated with the same values. In any case it certainly will not happen when non-primary-key-fields are modified. Double check which fields you’re trying to modify.

It’s just a homemade table I use in the 50,000 range so I’m not worried about messing up other tables. It is a code field. I believe it is part of a key field since I had to group several fields together to make the key up because of duplications. My mistake…

Hey if anything those messages will help figure out what’s going on :slight_smile: