Do you want to blog about Dynamics?

Dear members,

The blogs on the Dynamics User Groups has existed for over two years now. It’s a free offer to anyone on DUG who want to blog about Dynamics. Most likely you have already seen many of these here on the site. They are great reading.

But you don’t have to be an expert to get your own blog or start blogging. Just as interesting as the in-dept technical blogs, are really what the blogs were really all about in the beginning. Web Logs - or Web Diaries, where you wrote about your life, your job, those you met etc. So if you like to write, you have an interesting job as a consultant, programmer or maybe end-user (would be great to read the typical end-users thoughs about Dynamics), you’re working on some interesting projects. Everything is possible.

Contact me or David Singleton and we’ll setup the new blog for you, including guiding you how to change the layout and other settings. We also have a special forum only for bloggers.