Do you blog about Dynamics AX? Or would you like to?

Dear members,

I have not been promoting the blogs here on DUG for a long time. In fact I have really never done it too much. But since the bad performance we had for some time now has been resolved and the site performs better than ever. And because it has become possible for me to upgrade the site to the newest version of the “engine”. Something that has not been possible for 7 years. So that means that our blogging section will survive, something that wouldn’t have been possible with any of the alternatives, I was evaluating as alternative “engines”.

But our blogs will remain as an important part of DUG. And all existing blogs will be upgraded. Only changes is going to be a new set of “user blog templates” as none of the existing will work. And a new “control panel”, where you can customize the look of your blog, just as it is possible today.

In the future setup, blogs about AX will organized in a “group”, together with the AX forums, downloads etc. And if someone asks a question, then the new and very improved search engine (Tomcat/Solr) will also show our AX blogs as suggested answers.

You can get your blog in two ways. 1) You start a new blog on DUG. If you have an existing blog, then we can import your old posts. 2) You keep your existing blog, but we mirror your RSS feed into your blog here on DUG. In most cases you would only be displaying a short part of the post. Then that part is the only being shown and indexed here on DUG.

When starting a new blog, then with the many bloggers already blogging about Dynamics AX, then it can be difficult to get your blog out to the users. Most users uses Google, when finding answers to their questions. And Google already knows that DUG has a lot of information about AX and is visited by more than 100,000 users every month (most via Google). This means that any blog here on DUG will automatically get a higher rank on Google. More users will see your posts when they search.

Another advantages in having your blog here on DUG, is that a lot of bloggers start their own blog. Then after 1-2 years, they loose interests in the blog and blogging. Eventually they shut down their blog. Their posts are no longer visible. Here on DUG many of the most visited pages, blog and forum posts posted 5-10 years ago. Posts which still today hold answers to many basic questions, still not answered better anywhere else. Despite the original blogger, haven’t made new posts for years. The work he spend writing the blog posts, is still helping other users. And is that’s not the reason why we blog?

If you have any questions, please ask them below. If you would like your own blog, or have your existing included, then please write me a mail (webmaster at

You may also check out the Bloggers forum (under Community).

Hi, it’s possible to add my exiting blog into DUG ?

I would like to add mine as mirror mine blog:

Yes and yes. But please send me an email (webmaster at And include both the actual BLOG url, but also the RSS feed URL.

Nuno, you do remember that you already have a blog? But about NAV?