Do Events function

Hi, I’m looking for the Axapta function for DoEvents. In VB, when you use DoEvent, the program will let the OS work for other tasks. So if you use it in functions that use 100% processor, the OS will continue working. How to do that with X++ ? Thanks for your answers. Eric.

Hi Eric, I am not sure about multi-threading in Axapta, but I guess it is done using delegates. You better check classes SysDelegate, TutorialDelegate, TutorialDelegateCaller. If you want to run external process in another thread then use winapi::shellExecute method. Hope this help [:)]

Thank you for this answer. When a program uses 100% processor like some functions in Axapta, you cannot move the window of this program, you cannot click, you cannot do anything that is handled by the OS. In VB, if you put some DoEvents function in your program, it lets the OS do some tasks, so you can move windows, etc… I don’t want to run another program from Axapta, only let the OS do its job… Eric.

Hmm, I know what are you talking about. Multi-threading

Yes ! Have you some informations about multi threading in Axapta X++ ?

Hi Eric. I have not tried doing it in Axapta, and am not certain if it is possible. I have found that Delegates classes in Axapta (that I have mentioned in previous post), but that is all.