DMF option not available


We have installed a fresh MSD Ax 2012 R2 instance on a server and upgraded it to CU7. We have completed the steps mentioned in the checklist and Ax is working fine, but the option for “Data import export framework” is not visible, where as there are necessary entries in the Menu node.

u have to install the DMF sw : pls. follow the below links how to install DMF.

Hi Pandu,

I already have installed DMF on the server using CU7 setup, and I can see the relevant objects in AOT as well.

The similar procedure has worked just fine for DMF on another server and it is working fine.

HI Am also having the same problem…Initially I installed ax 2012 R2 then upgraded to CU7, but I can’t see the DMF module in navigation page but i can see the objects and menu items in AOT …

I didn’t understand Y its not reflecting in navigation page …what else i need to do to resolve this issue ??

Probably the most likely explanation is that the main menu hasn’t been upgraded and a version in a higher layer (such as VAR) hides elements added in SYP layer. Review main menu in AOT.