Division by Zero Error Trying to Receive & Invoice!

Please, can someone help out with this issue? This Purchase order has been released. All I need to do is to “Receive and Invoice”. Others were perfectly received .But this “Division by Zero” error keeps coming up for this one in particular. Urgent!!!


hard to say without details.

only debugging would help.

please list all field values of the purchase order. one of the fields is 0, but should not be.


Ok.It’s On the Purchase line, I’ve got these fields and Values

Quantity=261120, Direct Unit Cost Ex Vat=8.00463, Line Amount Exc Vat=2,090,168.99, Quantity Received=261120,Quantity to Invoice=261120

Sorry it’s in the process of invoicing that this error comes up not “Received and Invoice” as depicted in the image. just “Invoice”

as i wrote. too many things can be the reason.

only debugging would help.

maybe custom code, which causes that error.

what you can without debugging? not much, but … create the same purchase order a 2., 3. time. the error comes again or not? try to change the used numeric values, not only in the purchase line, but also in the purchase header, the selected item, VAT values etc.