Distribution Orders - One Sales Order with Multiple Ship To's


Any add-ons for a sales order in BC where each line has a different ship to?


What is driving the requirement for this to be a single sales order? Is it a customer request to receive a single invoice to match the single purchase order they are sending? If that is what you are trying to do, you might look at the “Combine Shipments” process.

It’s for a distribution order - one sales order for one sold to - shipped to different ship-tos - instead of entering multiple sales orders.

One thing you might want to investigate as a work around is the Warehouse Shipment functionality that allows multiple sales order to be on one warehouse shipment. It is not exactly what you are asking for, but in combination with the Combine Shipments above, it could possibly do the job, without any additional program/extension.

Good luck!

I was thinking about that too. But I think we are all focused on the “How” without the “Why”. What’s driving this requirement? I know in distribution, your customers may send you a PO with multiple delivery locations (Ship-to) buit that does not mean you need to fill it with only 1 sales order.

Thanks for all the feedback. We will discuss it all with the customer,