Dissable message box while validating Item?

hi all
i have sales invoice for example Shipment date is 08/17/10
and today is 09/22/10

after I add another item in this Invoice it would be message like this
Shipment Date 08/17/10 is before Workdate 09/22/10

how do I disabled it?
because i made report to import data
there’re a lot of data, and it’s very annoying to click OK for these messages after i import it
does anybody know how to disabled it while i import?

Hi Stan,

Set the variable HideValidationDialog in the sales line table by calling the SetHideValidationDialog function

i add the code in sales line table?

or the report i made that validate sales line table?

Hi Stan,

do the call in the import report

like this ?

what for the NewHideValidationDialog???

TRUE - hide

FALSE - don’t hide

You should be able to figure this out by looking at the code in the sales line table

done already

thanks dave :slight_smile: