Displaying Graph

Does anyone have any information about displaying a simple graph or chart in a Navision form? I downloaded myGraph from mibuso and it works pretty well, but it is a modal form that displays by itself. I was looking for an object or control that could be placed inside of a form. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks

I have not looked at myGraph, but it would seem that instead of making it a modal form, you should be able to make it a subform?

the MyGraph form is an object generated by the active x control. It is not a Navision form object per se

Having done it before, it is possible to create a graph inside a Navision form, except you have to fix a lot of the parameters (Number of Bars, Number of Vertical lines, etc.). I was able to allow the y-axis to change and to re-size the graph to fit the form. It is alot of work to set up, but some times it is better than trying to embed an active-x.