Displaying date range on ax 2009 report

I want to create a normal Sales order report with from date and to date range filter in it (which i have done) , how can i display these two field values (fromDate , toDate) on my report.

So you have from and to date on dialog, if so what is stopping you to get the values selected in the dialog?

If this is not case, please explain.

i don’t know how to add the dialog field values(todate and fromdate) in my report

How can i add the values from dialog to my report ?

Then how you are filtering the records/data based on selected dated?

i have created a dialog that opens before my report and asks for Todate and fromdate values , selecting value from the dialog box my report is filtered.

My query : I want those two dialog field on my report as well, so that user will get informed about the date filter range.

from date and to date are from a data source or you have added them to the dialog (in dialog method)?

If you have added them to the dialog, your report will not filter the date unless you use them while fetching the data.

I have added them from dialog, and yes i know that it will not fetch data if the fields are blank.

Kindly tell me how can i add those two fields which i have added from dialog on my Report.

Thanks in advance

dialogField.value should give you the values selected in the dialog. Usually it is done in getFromDialog method.

it doesn’t satisfies my query , anyways thanks a lot

What doesn’t satisfies your query? Please explain.


if you wan to show the value of the parameters which you have passed in the dialogs please check below link


and if you wan to give paremeters to filter the report on report itself, use ssrs

The perfect example of my requirement is in Account receivable > reports >Transactions > Customers > Internal account statement , its working fine now. Thanks

It uses the same logic, dates selected in the dialog are assigned to the variables in getFromDialog