Displaying Company Name in Nav2009 Classic

Hi Forum, one of our clients has asked if we can display the company name more clearly in 2009 Classic as the users get confused as to which company they are in. They know that they can look up in the top left corner but they want it displayed more clearly. Is this possible and if so, how can it be done. Many thanks Paul

What do they think is “more clearly”? I mean it’s visible at all times the way it is. You can use the COMPANYNAME system variable to display it in other parts of the system, but this sounds like a training issue (even if they do know where to find it now).

Hi Matt, I think what they want is something like a watermark across the screen/forms. In older versions such as Attain, you could display the Company name clearly on the menus but in 2009 the developer informs me that you cannot as the menusuite is shared across companies. Hope that helps Paul

That’s correct. There are customizations you can do to accomplish it (different menusuites for different companies), but it’s not worth the hassle in my opinion. It would be different if they needed different functionality in each company.

Same thing for a watermark solution. It’s something that would have to be implemented for every object in the system. Not worth it.

Thanks Matt, I will go back to the client and tell them “no can do”. Paul

You don’t have to tell them you can’t do it, just tell them it would be a lot of hours ( > 20 probably) and ask them if they really want it. It can look bad when you say something isn’t possible and they find out that it is.