Displaying Calculated Filed in The REPORT??


I’m generating a report with 5 fields, the 5th field in my report will be the result of difference bwt the 3rd nd the 4th field, how can i display the diff in the 5th field??

Please help


write a display method where the calculation will take place.

Use this method as a field.

You can drag this method to your design.

is there any way to refer the fields (i.e) the 3rd nd the 4th field in the dispaly method???

both the 3rd nd the 4th field are taken 4m two different tables

Need more info about these fields.

Where are these fields coming from.

Where do you asign the values to these fields are they coming from a datasource or… ?

if from datasource you can get the fieldvalues from the datasourcename like datasourcename.fieldname and asign the to a global value. With a getter function you can get the value into the display function.


Got the solution…

Just write a display method in the report