Display Unit cost from item card in report.

Hi Experts,

I need to display Unit cost of item in my report.

report having 2 data items first one is ITEM and 2nd is ILE.

i have to display unit cost of item but i m facing issues because data calculation is run time based.

Any idea how to resolve this


Hi Shyam ,

I check at my demo DB its a normal field and data is getting output simply on report.
Is there any customisation done at your end.

Kindly check in report condition if there is any error


Thanks Sir For quick Reply
Agree simple value is coming but if you filtering on date basis then you have to take care of
Average Cost Calc. Overview page where date base cost effect shown.
i was not able to get that data on my report. otherwise as on data was coming correct.
now issue is resolved thanks for the company

i solved it with the help of standard report 716-Inventory Cost and Price List
i just have to add this code

ItemRec.SETFILTER(ItemRec.“Date Filter”,’%1…%2’,0D,CALCDATE(’-1D’,SDate));
AverageCost := ROUND(AverageCost,GLSetup.“Unit-Amount Rounding Precision”);

Thanks for the compny
i put my code may be it will help anyone in future :slight_smile: