Display record in form.........


i m new in ax

so pls solve my question…

  1. Click on grid checkbox then display new form and display this selected record in form??


To do that, I’d add a modified method on your grid checkbox, testing your checkbox value, if checked I’d use a menufunction to open the target form, parms are passed with args class as suggested in the following link http://www.axaptapedia.com/Passing_values_between_forms. To open form with code see http://dynamics-ax-live.blogspot.fr/2009/09/how-to-open-form-by-code.html



In modified method of the checkbox just write the below code:

Args args = new args();


args.record(table::find(table.fiedl)); // table is your current form datasource

new MenuFunction(MenuItemDisplayStr(FormtobeOpened),MenuItemType::Display).run(Args);