Display page numbers in a form on EP

Hi guys,

Is there any simple way to display page numbers in EP form along with the form browsing controls?

I would like to have some display method that shows e.g. Page: 2 / 10. No problem in counting the total number of pages, but what i cannot find is the way to display current page number. Is that possible without writing my own browsing buttons?

Thanx much!

I found a class WebFormHTML having some methods thatto create a web form grid controls.

In this class it is possible to add page numbers directly next to the controls. It also contains RecId of the first record visible on the page that could be used to count current page using this formula:

currentPage = roundup(recordNumber / gridVisibleRows)

The only problem that has to be solved is when you click the last record button it counts records from the end (not from the beginig as normal), so additional check must be done so you won’t have one page less than it ought to be when you hit the last record button.

I know it is quite awkward, but the only working solution I have found so far.