Display or hide a MenuItem

Hi there,

I add a new SSRS report menuitem in [Accounts Payable->Reports->Payment->Report1] sucessfully.

Role (Accounts Payable Clerk) has ‘View’ right to this menuitem.

If userA has been assigned to above role, how can I hide this menuitem only to userA?

What I can think is create another role which cannot see this menuitem, but it is too much to copy all duties, previleges from the original role.

Do you have any ideas on this simple things?



Sorry I forgot to mention my environment is AX 2012 R3.


Are you sure you want to hide this menu item to UserA after giving the view rights to it ?

Your statement is a bit confusing here.


Yes, you are right.

Sorry for my misleading description.

At the moment, I create a new role to see the new menuItem and assign this new role to group A.

UserA is in groupA also. Now for certain conditions, we have to disable/hide a menuItem, not all menuItems to userA.

Which way is the proper simple way to do it?

Thanks all your help.



Can any AX Guru give me any hints?

Thanks in advance.


You can do one thing to achieve your requirement.

Check the privilege under which your menu item is there and under that privilege set the property Access level of the entry point to “No access”.

Hi Lalit,

Thanks for your reply.

As you said, I changed the access level from ‘View’ to ‘No access’ in the privilege.

Say userA, userB are all assigned with this privilege.

Both userA and userB will not see the menuItem.

But I only want to block userA, not userB, how to do it?

At moment, the role ‘Accounts Payable clerk’ is enabled to see the menuitems.

I duplicate all duties & privileges into a new role ''Accounts Payable clerk restricts ’ which cannot see the menuitems.

So userB is assigned with the new role.

Personally I don’t think it is a good way to achieve it. Do you have any other solutions?

Thanks again.