display method

I have a grid and there is data source bind to grid. I added display method for data source and i can not see the value returned by display method on grid. Also grid has method executeQuery() which generates data for data source according to some criteria depending on form. What to do to see the value of display method on grid?

Do you have a grid field with appropriate DataSource and DataMethod properties?

yes, there is grid field with Datasource and Datamethot properties. My grid filles with class which executes some query, may be I have to add some code in class concernig my datamethod?

Is the problem that your method is not called or that it doesn’t return any result? Use debugger to find that.

Is the method compiled correctly? You should get a warning if it has wrong parameters.

If you still have no idea, show us your code.

it returns value, it works with textbox and i see the result in textbox, but in grid there is no result. the grid’s datasource has a method

public void executeQuery()
QueryRun qRun = this.queryRun();
QueryBuildDataSource DataSource = this.query().dataSourceNo(1);
QueryBuildRange QuerydRange;

QuerydRange = DataSource.addRange(fieldNum(ENA_MoveHistList, ProcessId));


// GMCS 2012.05.21. Denis Zlobin - begin
Info::countLineQuery(this.queryRun().query(), element.hWnd());
// GMCS 2012.05.21. Denis Zlobin - end