Display method return real value format

Hi All,

I am using some display method like below. I am using this method in the form real edit textbox. But, it is not displaying like real value. It is displaying like “10” instead of “10.00”. Please help me to solve this issue.

public display real RemainingQuantity()
return this.TotalQty - this.DeliveredQuantity();




you have to chage few property value in which control add your display methods like Noofdecimals…

i hope that you will understand help to solve this issue

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Syed Abuthahir

Or you can use an extended data type with appropriate properties and return it instead of real. I think it’s even a Best Practice violation if you don’t use EDT.

Hi Hariharan,

Use LineNum as the EDT for the Real Edit. This should solve your issue.

Hi Hariharan,

Use LineNum EDT for the Real Edit in the properties. It should solve your issue.