Display method for returning multiple value

Hi All,

Can anyone help in returning multiple values in Display method.

If I elaborate this,I Want to display Items for a particular BOMId into the report.

But as display method only returns a single value, so I am getting a single item but I want all the items for a specific BOM Id.

I am using two tables BOM Version & BOM , Also Below is the code working fine if doing in Job but I want to make a method which I can use in SSRS Report .

public static BOM ReturnBOM(ItemId _itemId)


BOMVersion bOMVersion;

BOM bom;

select bom join bOMVersion where bOMVersion.ItemId==_itemId && bOMVersion.Active==true && bOMVersion.BOMId==bom.BOMId;

return bom;


& when I am calling this class using job it is displaying the correct items

static void job(Args _args)


BOM bom;




print bom.itemNameGrid();

next bom;




plz help & thanx in Advance

The code corresponding to your job would be iterating the buffer in the report. Why don’t you simply use “Query” data source type in the SSRS report?