Display intercompany transactions on the form

I have a requirement where I have to dislay data in intercompany scenario. I am mapping VendTrans.Voucher == ProjCostTrans.VoucherJournal.

The voucherID doesnt exist in the same company for an intercompany order. Eg: For a transaction with left side as vendor in CEU and offset as project in CEC, the vendTrans would be populated in CEU and projCostTrans in CEC.

I have build a query and allowed to display data across companies. But only transactions that are not intercompany are dipslayed on the form for both CEU and CEC.

The query is fetcing me data for intercompany scenario in job, but the form is not displaying it. Any suggestions how can I investigate further and display intercompany data on the form.

Thanks in advance.

There are 2 fields that is checkbox that need to be true

one is intercompanydirectaccess and other i dont remember they come based on condition

write the code in write method;

Thanks RG. Let me eloborate more on the current issue. I am just displaying records not inserting hence I might not need to override ‘write’ method on the datasoruce. What code do you suggest I write in the ‘write method’

Where can I find these two checkboxes that helps me to display intercompany transactions.

You must have done something wrong. If I add a data source and set its CrossCompanyAutoQuery property to Yes, it just works.

Martin, actually I am not sure if query works in that way or not as both my tables were company specific. Data doesnt exist together in them.

I could achive this feature using temproray table.