Display check box to Item Tnansaction


i am trying to create a display method check box in the item transaction inquiry (salesline/blocked) with the below code but an error appears as “Operand types are not compatible with the operator”. sorry if i missed anything basic since i am very new in the development.

display DlvModeId LS2stopped()
SalesLine sline;
DlvModeId POdlvmode;

case InventTransType::Sales:

sline = SalesLine::findInventTransId(this.InventTransId, false);
POdlvmode = sline.Blocked;

return POdlvmode;


DlvModeId is not of type NoYes.

Your method should be of type LineStopped and return the same type.

In order for you to display a checkbox, use the NoYesId EDT.

You should return the display method name like

return LS2stopped;

Done, Thank you.